“What ISIS Really Wants” — A major article from The Atlantic

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.

The caption from one of the article’s photos:

Bernard Haykel, the foremost secular authority on the Islamic State’s ideology, believes the group is trying to re-create the earliest days of Islam and is faithfully reproducing its norms of war. “There is an assiduous, obsessive seriousness” about the group’s dedication to the text of the Koran, he says.

Yet Obama and his fellow demagogues assure the ignorant masses that ISIS is not Islamic. Another caption reads:

Anjem Choudary, London’s most notorious defender of the Islamic State, says crucifixion and beheading are sacred requirements.

Son of Hamas on the Religion of Peace

From “Son of Hamas” Mosab Hassan Yousef’s blog:

Wherever I go in the world, people ask me about ISIS. And I advise them to ignore the endless debates about the peaceful versus violent nature of Islam and take a long, hard look at the Islamic State. ISIS is Islam, exposed in all its cruelty and ugliness, unchanged since Muhammad.

The atrocities committed by ISIS are merely an extension of the atrocities committed by Islam’s prophet.

The true Five Pillars of Islam are: Slaughter, Intolerance, Oppression, Hatred, and Global Dominion, because Muhammad was a slaughterer, intolerant, oppressive, hateful, and drove his armies to destroy everything and everyone that stood in the way of his establishment of a world caliphate.

Muhammad said to the people of Mecca, “I have brought slaughter to you,” then he beheaded every male, young and old.

Choose Islam, and you choose ISIS, because they are indistinguishable. Reject ISIS, and you reject Islam, because they are one.

ISIS must be stopped, yes. But the Islamic State is not an international problem. It is an Arab problem. And the armies of Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and others are well equipped to deal with it. Western intervention will only create more chaos and reinforce the illusion of a Middle East/Western conflict.

Like Libya and Yemen, ISIS is a tribal conflict, not a political one. The Islamic State is the Sunni backlash against domination and persecution by minority Shi’a Muslims in Iraq and the ruling Alawite minority of Syria.

Islam hates everything that is not Islam. And just as fresh water and salt water cannot flow from the same spring, love and goodness cannot flow from a religion that is established on hatred and violence.

As long as Muslims refuse to take a strong and aggressive stand against terrorism, they must share responsibility for the continuing atrocities. The hour has come for every Muslim to choose to be human or inhuman, noble or criminal.

The crusades, a Macbeth’s dagger to slash Christians

The Crusades are used again and again to slash at Christians, but according to scholar Rodney Stark (Amazon book), most of what we are told in popular culture about The Crusades is false. Here are some resources for the apologist from another scholar, Thomas F. Madden (website):

Great basics from Bill Craig

Please share these with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere else. Remember that the secularists mostly control the radio and TV stations, school curricula, government structures, and almost every other information-spreading outlet. So work with us and get the word out there :-)

2014 reaches an end, and how did it go?

The Islamic world ended the year by butchering more of their own (and others) in unimaginable numbers. For thinking Christians and those with a Judeo-Christian worldview this seems beyond bizarre and apocalyptic. And what will plummeting oil prices do for global Islam?

Christian scholars are fighting back against Islam — not with knives and guns, but with argument and analysis:

The Intelligent Design community has continued making inroads as documented in these summary posts (Jan 2014, Feb 2014, others to come on the UD website)

And a few other things:

Church awakened by new atheists, Christian apologist says


The recent spate of books, lectures and debates by atheists are awakening the sleeping giant of the church, said Lee Strobel, one of America’s most popular Christian apologists.

“The new atheists have kicked the church in the ribs, and she’s waking up,” said Strobel, who will speak next weekend in Tulsa.
“I’m seeing it all over the country,” he said of huge apologetics conferences, new scholarship in the academic world and more formal debates.

Strobel said the average person in the pew is not reading the late Christopher Hitchens and other popular atheist authors, but neighbors and co-workers are.

“They’re getting questions they can’t answer,” he said.

Average Christians are ill-equipped to answer those questions, and they are asking their pastors for training in apologetics, the study of the rational defense of the faith, he said.

“I think we’re entering a golden era for apologetics,” he said.

Strobel, a former atheist and Chicago Tribune journalist, said he doubts that surveys showing a rise in atheism accurately reflect a trend in U.S. society.

More people identify as secular because it has become socially acceptable to do so, he said. In fact, politicians in some parts of the country who used to emphasize their Christian heritage now do the opposite.

Strobel said that as he travels and speaks, by far the No. 1 question people raise is how can a loving God allow pain and suffering?
Christianity has an answer to that question, but people who are suffering do not want “five intellectual steps to understanding,” he said, they are looking for a personal answer…

Church of England to be Sued for Refusing to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Church-state separation — yes, but State-church separation — no. Well, it’s more complicated than that in the UK.

A gay couple in Great Britain has announced plans to pursue legal action against the Church of England for refusing to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, less than one month after the country officially legalized gay mariage, but explicitly excluded the Church from being forced to conduct the ceremonies as they go against biblical teachings. 

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and his partner, Tony, have been considered by many in Great Britain to be the “poster couple” for same-sex marriage legalization, as they became the first gay parents in 1999 through surrogacy, and have since had five other children through surrogacy. The couple had a civil partnership ceremony in 2006, and own a surrogate center in Chandlers Quay, Maldon.

The gay marriage legislation approved in Great Britain earlier this year, known as the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, included a “quadruple lock” meant to protect the Church of England and other religious institutions from being forced to perform same-sex marriages against their faith. Under the current law, churches may “opt-in” to perform same-sex marriages, but they cannot be forced to conduct ceremonies.

Despite that highly-publicized safeguard being included in the legislation, many critics believed that gay activists would ignore that exclusion and continue to push for churches to be forced to participate in gay marriage ceremonies against their will. Now just weeks after the legislation was passed, it appears those fears were well-founded; Drewitt-Barlow and his partner argue that they wish to “test” this protection in court. The couple have claimed that they are practicing Christians and they want their children to see them wed in a church ceremony.


“The ink’s not even dry on the Bill and churches are already facing litigation. We warned Mr. Cameron this would happen, we told him he was making promises that he couldn’t possibly keep,” Hart said. “He didn’t listen. He didn’t care. He’s the one who has created this mess.”

“Mr. Cameron’s chickens are coming home to roost and it will be ordinary people with a religious belief who yet again fall victim to the totalitarian forces of political correctness,” Hart continued.

“We now face the real prospect of churches having to choose between stopping conducting weddings, or vicars, and priests defying the law and finding themselves languishing in the dock,” Hart added.

Read more at global.christianpost.com/news/church-of-england-to-be-sued-for-refusing-to-perform-same-sex-marriages-just-a-month-after-prime-minister-promised-protection-101487/

Seattle gay pride participants viciously beat Christian street preacher (VIDEO)

Here caught on video we see the intolerance of homosexuals.  

We have asked Muslims to condemn Muslim extremists.  Now we ask homosexuals to condemn this regular and repeated behaviour of their community.

If you do NOT condemn this behaviour, it can only be seen as a sign that you condone the behaviour.

The incident is reminiscent of an episode that took place at last year’s Toronto Pride Parade, also caught on video, where a street preacher was surrounded by a mob of angry pride marchers. However, in that case the police took the side of the pride participants, telling the street preacher, “You’re promoting hate.” The police ultimately compelled David Lynn and his team from Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries to leave the area and stop preaching.

The Seattle attack is another example in an increasing string of violence by homosexual activists.

Last August, it was only thanks to the heroic actions of a security guard at the Family Research Council that a gay activist intent on killing employees at the organization was stopped in his deadly assault.

This past January a group of Brazilian Catholics who gathered to march through the streets of Curitiba in the state of Parana to protest abortion and homosexual ideology were harassed, spat upon, and physically assaulted by a mob.

In April the head of the Catholic Church in Belgium, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, remained calmly seated with eyes closed in prayer as four topless lesbian activists attacked him with shouts and curses and doused him with water.

Last April, a group calling itself “Angry Queers” claimed responsibility for throwing baseball-sized rocks through nine church windows in Portland’s Mars Hill Church, known for its traditional marriage stance.