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Top Ten Myths About the Resurrection

This Easter Week, Credo House Ministries is presenting a new video each day on Ten Myths About the Resurrection, featuring Dr. Michael Licona. If yousubscribe to their newsletter, they will send one to your inbox every day. Check out the Credo House Vimeo Channel for Mike Licona’s presentation of all ten myths:

Myth 1: Contradictions in the Gospels
Myth 2: Pagan Parallels in the Mystery Religions
Myth 3: The Fraud Theory
Myth 4: Hallucinations
Myth 5: It’s a Matter of Faith
Myth 6: Apparent Death Theory
Myth 7: It Was Merely Legend
Myth 8: Science Proves that Resurrections Cannot Occur
Myth 9: Not Enough Evidence
Myth 10: Lost Gospels

If you find this information helpful, you’ll want to get the Case for the Resurrection of Jesus DVD with Mike Licona and Michael Patton. This is a two-disc set with 8 sessions.An excellent small group resource!

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