Ravi Zacharias Youth Apologetics

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Ravi Zacharias Youth Apologetics


RZIM’s interactive youth apologetics curriculum, ASK, is now available! 

We are facing a very real crisis of critical thought among today’s youth. Our secular culture increasingly favors a growing multiculturalism that affirms a uniform tolerance of all worldviews while simultaneously opposing a firm commitment to any one belief. Many young people believe that all religions are basically the same. Consequently, many young men and women cannot articulate their own faith. 

Seeking to challenge these realities, the ASK curriculum aims to empower students with the critical tools necessary for understanding their own faith and for investigating and evaluating differing worldviews. 

Hosted by Nathan Zacharias, speakers in this DVD series include Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Stuart McAllister, Andy Bannister, John Njoroge, and Jill Carattini. 

The interactive ASK curriculum is comprised of:

  • A four-DVD set containing 16 sessions in 4 modules—origin, meaning, morality, and destiny
  • Exclusive web access for your class on the ASK website containing facilitator and student content
  • An ASK SMS text message service for in-class discussion and polling
  • A digital facilitator’s guide (downloadable from ASK website)

For more information visit www.rzimask.org

Disc 1 ORIGIN 
1.1 Something or Nothing – Andy Bannister 
1.2 Cause and Effect – John Lennox 
1.3 Reason and Order – John Lennox 
1.4 Origin and Evidence – Ravi Zacharias 

2.1 Big Questions – Stuart McAllister 
2.2 Beauty All Around – Jill Carattini 
2.3 The Meaning of Stuff – Stuart McAllister 
2.4 Living Purpose – Ravi Zacharias 

3.1 Whose Morality Is It Anyway? – Stuart McAllister 
3.2 Judge and Jury – John Njoroge 
3.3 War – Stuart McAllister 
3.4 Moral Stories – Ravi Zacharias 

4.1 Imagining a Destiny Beyond the End – Stuart McAllister 
4.2 In the Marketplace of Ideas – Andy Bannister 
4.3 Your Life, Your Destiny – Stuart McAllister 
4.4 Destiny Matters – Ravi Zacharias 

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