Not everyone agrees that distance learning is as good as classroom learning.

Rick Walston, PhD., President of Columbia Evangelical Seminary (Apologetics 315 interview here) argues that distance learning can be better than classroom learning.

He presents his arguments here.

Personally, if I had my time again, I would prefer to do my courses from home using video teaching materials. (The Khan Academy is awesome btw… how nice it would be to have an apologetics/theology equivalent.)

So, which seminaries and universities offer distance learning related to apologetics?  Let’s start an alphabetical list…

Many ministries also offer courses. For example:

And of course, there are theology courses online also.  For example:

Also, from The Best Schools comes a list of seminaries that we would like to see providing full apologetics degrees:

Several schools have the size, influence, and resources to merit an apologetics program. Yet there is no apologetics track to speak of at these schools or seminaries. Students may be able to patch together an apologetics education at these schools, but not through any formally established educational track.

The following have one or more apologetics classes, but no graduate degree in apologetics:

Please share other materials with us…