John Lennox Premier Lecture – Going Against the Flow

Professor John Lennox and the life and book of Daniel

This is an outstanding and challenging lecture by Professor John Lennox from Oxford University.  We highly recommend this lecture and Prof. Lennox’s book, both of which are highly relevant to Christians living in a post-Christian western world.  From the Premier website:

Mathematician and Christian thinker John Lennox gave the Premier Lecture for the 20th Anniversary of the Radio station on June 10th.

Drawing on his new book ‘Against the Flow’, Lennox draws lessons from the book of Daniel for the church today.

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Bethinking Conference: John Lennox on Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design

The Bethinking National Apologetics Day Conference, ‘Countering the New Atheism’, took place during the UK Reasonable Faith Tour in October 2011. Christian academics William Lane Craig, John Lennox, Peter J. Williams and Gary Habermas lead 600 people in training for how to defend and proclaim the credibility of Christianity against the growing tide of secularism and New Atheist popular thought in western society.

In this second session, John Lennox delivers his critique of Stephen Hawking’s arguments in The Grand Design and explains why, despite its media hype, neither God nor philosophy is dead. The lecture is followed by questions and answers from the audience.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Hawking

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Oh blast, we missed his 70th by a couple of days. Oh well, check out this video of “God and Stephen Hawking: Do the Laws of Physics Make God Unnecessary?” which was presented by Prof. John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, here in Seattle back in August. Lennox spoke at University Presbyterian Church, sponsored by Discovery Institute.

William Lane Craig UK tour (coming soon…)

Is Anything Worth Believing In? Lessons from the Eastern Bloc

John Lennox

University of California, Berkeley 2011

Over the course of human history, ideas have come and gone, countless religions into existence, and movements for change have succeeded and failed. Amidst all that is out there, the question remains: what, if anything, is worth believing in? Come find out as professor of mathematics and apologist John Lennox gives his response, drawing from his experiences with atheism and theism in Eastern Europe.

Is Anything Worth Believing In? Lessons from the Eastern Bloc from The Veritas Forum on Vimeo.

Evolution Battle Brews In Texas

Last night I was reading a recent Dorling Kindersley book on life on earth aimed at (indoctrinating) kids, and was appalled at the early pages in which creationism was simply dismissed as myth while evolution was introduced as fact, even thought the evidence presented was speculative, laughable and out of date.

Nick Matzke, mentioned in the article below, and others should be honest and admit that no one has any idea how complex life could have begun naturalistically.  No wonder many of us, when comparing real sciences like physics and chemistry with goo-to-you-via-the-zoo evolution, consider this “fairy story for grown-ups” as nothing more than a pseudo-scientific creation myth for dogmatic fundamentalist materialists.

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Oxford mathematician John Lennox on the chances of life developing without a supermind to guide it

Christianity and the Tooth Fairy: A UCLA law professor questions an Oxford mathematician on the claims of Jesus

John Lennox, Daniel Lowenstein
University of California, Los Angeles
6 April 2011

Children believe in the tooth fairy until their reasoning capabilities mature and they recognize this belief is neither grounded nor relevant. Does belief in Jesus Christ require a suspension of logic? Can Christianity be proven to be true? UCLA law professor Daniel Lowenstein interviews Oxford mathematician John Lennox with honest questions about Christianity and the grounds for faith. This will be followed by audience Q&A.

Lennox is an amazing and crystal clear communicator. It is so refreshing to see his interlocutor asking such sensible and well thought out questions (compared to the neo-atheists).

Lennox’s books are listed here.


Audio clip also available.

Coming debates

It’s March 2011.  William Lane Craig is very soon to debate Sam Harris and Lawrence Krauss.

I am certainly looking forward to the second debate, but not sure what the differences will be between these two men. Will they have anything to debate?

The other coming big debate is between Professor John Lennox for Oxford University and Leonard Mlodinow who co-wrote with Stephen Hawking in The Grand Design.

If you have additional information on these debates, please post the information as a comment.


John Lennox has his California speaking schedule here.

Here is Lawrence Krauss giving a lecture (1:04:52) on cosmology titled on one website “Debunking Christianity”). At 18:14 he even goes as far as to say that rare things happen all the time, including life. I wonder how he knows that?